Every year about 100 BS and MS students, as well as summer interns from all over the world, spend at least 3 months each working on projects at the two AIRLab sites. Also, at any given time about 15 PhD students are spending their 3-4 years of research at AIRLab.

Many people, sometimes with different backgrounds (e.g., engineers and designers), share the same spaces and resources, gaining from interaction and learning to work and live in open spaces with colleagues.

Most of the activities have more or less strict  timing and constraints, requiring a common understanding about planning, resource management and life in common.

Directions to become an AIRLab user (only users can access the lab), and much more, are available from AIRWiki: the wiki supporting ongoing work at AIRLab.

AIRLab Opening hours


Monday to Friday,  8:00 to 19:30