AIRLab Rules

The main AIRLab site is located at Building 7 of Politecnico di Milano, within a multi-laboratory space called Leonardo Robotics Labs.

The rules that AIRLab users must follow are those of Leonardo Robotics Labs, listed below.

See also AIRLab’s own rules for the use of tools and materials.

Leonardo Robotics Labs (LeoLabs)
Rules for users

Users and supervisors

Users are all people accessing LeoLabs. Supervisors are users that belong to the personnel of Politecnico di Milano: they include professors, researchers, technicians and PhD students.

All users and most supervisors have an affiliation, i.e. a specific lab which they belong to (AIRLab, Merlin, Move, NearLab). Affiliation determines access to laboratory resources.

When in need, a user can ask any supervisor for help, with preference for those having his/her own affiliation.

When requested to do something by any supervisor with any affiliation, a user must comply.

Authorized users and guest users

A person becomes a user by following a specific authorization procedure. People who successfully complete the procedure are called authorized users. The Politecnico di Milano badge of authorized users, when presented to the badge readers, opens LeoLabs doors.

Supervisors can invite to LeoLabs people who did not go through the authorization procedure: these are called guest users. Guest users can enter LeoLabs only under the responsibility of a supervisor. Non-supervisor users cannot introduce anybody directly, without asking a supervisor.

Working at LeoLabs

LeoLabs is a collaborative work space. Collaboration and sharing of knowledge and experience among users, independently from their affiliation, is encouraged.

Experienced users are expected to help unexperienced ones. Any user can ask other users (including those with a different affiliation) for help: recourse to supervisors should be limited to those cases when users cannot solve an issue among themselves.

Work discipline at LeoLabs is based on the principle that one’s own work should:

  • always ensure the safety of everyone (including future users);
  • never damage or hamper the work of others;
  • never damage any piece of LeoLabs.

A separate document explains safety rules. Knowledge of the safety rules is mandatory for users.


The Politecnico di Milano badge also acts as identification badge for LeoLabs. While at LeoLabs, non-supervisor users should always keep their badge with them, on their person, in a way that makes it clearly visible (e.g., in a transparent pouch).

Supervisors can ask users to see their badge at any time, and ask for user affiliation.

Access and doors

Access to LeoLabs occurs exclusively via the doors fitted with a badge reader. Other LeoLabs doors must be operated by a supervisor.

All LeoLabs doors must remain closed at all times. If a user finds an open door (e.g., one that has been blocked open), he/she should tell a supervisor. If no supervisors are available, the user should close the door, removing blocks if necessary.


The term resource identifies any element of LeoLabs that users need to perform work.

Resources include: work spaces (e.g., workbench, floor area); furniture; equipment (e.g., multimeter); tools (e.g., pliers); components (e.g., connector, screw, battery); cables; raw materials (e.g., aluminium profile, plastic sheet); chemicals (e.g., glue); consumables (e.g., zip tie, shrink wrap); office supplies; and so on.

Each resource is either affiliation-specific or common. Affiliation-specific resources can only be accessed by users having the same affiliation; common resources are available to all users.

Some resources are restricted, i.e. they require special authorizations (possibly involving training) to be accessed by users. Restricted resources are clearly identified as such.

Some areas of LeoLabs (e.g., the robot cage) are restricted resources. Only users with the corresponding authorization can enter a restricted area.

Resource use

Each resource (restricted or not) has its own procedure for access and use. For instance, a resource may be used only in a given area (e.g., the workshop). Such procedures are defined by specific documents, or verbally by supervisors. When in doubt about using a resource, ask a supervisor; if no supervisors are available, wait.

Each resource (e.g., a tool) has its own place. As soon as you finish using a resource, you should return it to its place, ready for the next user.

You should take to your work space only the resources that are immediately needed: avoid “hogging” resources by collecting them in advance. At any time it should be possible to find out where a resource not found at its own place is, just by asking around.

Whenever you see a resource that appears dangerous, damaged, or otherwise in need of attention (e.g., consumables that are low in quantity), tell a supervisor.

Whenever you see a resource that is out of place and not obviously in use, return it to its place.

In some cases, a supervisor can personally entrust a resource to a specific user, for his/her own exclusive use and under the user’s own personal responsibility. These resources are considered part of the user’s work, and should always be kept together with it.

End-of-the-day discipline

When your stop your work at LeoLabs for the day, you must:

  • return all the resources you are using to their own places;
  • leave your work space (and tables in particular) completely clear of material;
  • if work spaces or resources got dirty because of your work, clean them.

Only supervisors (or users who have been personally authorized by a supervisor) can leave material on the tables. If you need a space to store your work when not in use, ask a supervisor.