Becoming an AIRLab user

Whoever you are (faculty, M.Sc. student, Ph.D. student, research assistant, guest, …), to perform any work at the AIRLab you must be a registered user.

To become an AIRLab user:

  1. Read carefully the Safety norms and the AIRLab rules. If anything is unclear to you, ask your advisor.
  2. Depending on the first letter of the surname of your advisor, send an e-mail requesting access to the AIRLab either to MS Alessandra Viale [advisor’s surname between A and L] or to MS Alice Gentile [advisor’s surname between M and Z]. Your e-mail should specify:
    • your advisor’s name;
    • the lab location within Politecnico di Milano (e.g., building 7);
    • the duration of your thesis or project (maximum 1 Year, ask your advisor for this);
    • your personal Politecnico di Milano user code (“codice persona“).
  3. Send an e-mail to Prof. Andrea Bonarini in which you declare that you have read and understood the Safety norms and the AIRLab rules and that you commit to comply to them.
  4. In a couple of days you should receive an e-mail to fix a meeting with Eng. Fausto Berton to get your personal Polimi badge enabled for access to AIRLab.

Once this process is completed, AIRLab is open to you. This is true both metaphorically and in practice: your Polimi badge, in fact, now can unlock the lab’s doors.

Note: renewal for existing users requires a simpler procedure. Depending on the first letter of the surname of your advisor, ask either Ms Alessandra Viale (A-L) or Ms Marjorie Ballesteros (M-Z).