This is a collection of miscellaneous resources that may be useful to you as an AIRLab user.

If you think you have something that deserves adding to this list, tell your advisor!

Writing and Reading

  • How to write a thesis? Suggestions to prepare your thesis (only in Italian for now… translators are welcome!).
  • How to write slides and make a presentation
  • Suggestions to write well can help to produce a good thesis, as well as good scientific publications in general. Here is the part of the 14 steps to write well found on the San Francisco Edit company site that Andrea Bonarini shares.
  • Other suggestions to write a good paper that get accepted are on the Elsevier site.
  • You can access all the papers for which Politecnico has bought a subscription even when you are at home if you enable the Politecnico proxy. The instruction page is provided by the nice people of ASI in Italian only. For an English version of the page, try to poke them if you can find how to get in touch with them.

Software and programming

  • Go to our ROS HOWTO page for advice and tutorials about ROS (Robot Operating System)
    How to get rid of Delay in Arduino (Please, do this) Part1Part2
  • If you do not know Arduino or would like to understand how to use it at best, you may refer to The Adafruit lessons or directly to the less clear, but “official” Arduino pages.
  • Here are 100 videos explaining basics of using Arduino and useful tricks .
  • Someone wrote some advice about writing code
  • Info about Mathematica
  • How to plot using gnuplot in your C/C++ project Gnuplot in cpp
  • A few resources on Low Cost RTK GPS that might be useful



  • Some useful addresses and links about shops, stores, factories, online catalogues. With some of them we have partnerships for discounts. You can find information here.

Version Control (GIT)

  • A short guide to git

Producing videos and publishing them

  • Usually, at the end of the project, people tend to produce a video and put it on the web. The best way to do this is to produce a video and then send it to Prof. Andrea Bonarini to have it published on the YouTube channel of the AIRLab.