i.Drive is an interdepartmental laboratory where AIRLab is the technology provider for robotics.

The laboratory aims at developing inter-disciplinary proficiency required for analysis and modelling of behavioral aspects due to the interaction between driver, vehicle, infrastructure, and environment through:

  • A fixed structural component based on a virtual realty simulator aimed at the ex-ante test of expected behavioral models, the joined optimization of vehicle and road infrastructure, the increase of ex-post and in-itinere statistical significance ofexperiments carried out on roads;
  • A mobile component based on an instrumented vehicle aimed at measuring on field performance and reactions of drivers in different driving conditions and at collecting environmental data to be reproduced ex-post by simulation.

Contact: Matteo Matteucci

For additional details: http://www.idrive.polimi.it/

Sprayin’ with Brain

Sprayin’ with Brain is a line of research projects dealing with applications of Artificial Intelligenge and Robotics to agriculture. Collaboration with external experts (such as researchers in agriculture) and interaction with manufacturers of agricultural machinery and farmers keeps Sprayin’ with Brain focused on real-world problems.

Contact: Matteo Matteucci

Semantic Mesh Labeling

A project for visual 3D reconstruction, where an automatic pipeline models, incrementally, the scene acquired from the images. The pipeline adopts a manifold reconstruction from Structure from Motion point cloud method, a novel mesh merging algorithm and photometric surface evolution.

Subsequent evolution involves improvements to the Multi-View Stereo pipeline, from depth map estimation to mesh refinement by combining classical approaches, such as PatchMatch, with machine learning oriented method, such as geometric deep learning.

Contact: Matteo Matteucci


GRAPE (Ground Robot for vineyArd Monitoring and ProtEction) explores the use of autonomous robots as means for pesticide-free pest control in vineyards. An robot fitted with an arm and a dispenser of pheromone-coated devices has the task of navigating through the vineyard, find suitable target locations for the devices, and place them in place.

Contact: Matteo Matteucci

For additional details: http://www.echord.eu/grape.html