Datasets and tools

This page collects datasets and other tools for research produced by AIRLab.


One of the mixed (i.e., indoor + outdoor) robot trajectories in the RAWSEEDS datasets.

The RAWSEEDS project produced high-quality, well-documented multisensor datasets for SLAM, complete with ground truth.

Originally distributed via BitTorrent only, the datasets are now downloadable from this FTP mirror.

RAWSEEDS datasets include indoor, outdoor and mixed robot trajectories.

Giulio Fontana, Matteo Matteucci, Domenico G Sorrenti. Rawseeds: Building a Benchmarking Toolkit for Autonomous Robotics. Methods and Experimental Techniques in Computer Engineering, pp. 55-68, Springer International Publishing, 2014. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-00272-9_4

Intelligent Vehicles

Experimental setting for the collection of the Intelligent Vehicles dataset.

A collection of image sequences for vehicle heading and lateral offset benchmarking.

Subdivided into four vehicle laps on two different racing circuits, data have been acquired with a 30 fps camera. For each image, ground truth data are provided; in particular, lateral offset from the centerline and heading.

Images can be downloaded from this online repository.

Task-oriented grasp metrics for affordance estimation

This dataset collects a set of physical metrics for task-oriented grasp affordance estimation, measured on 500 million simulated grasps. See the paper for details about each metric present in the dataset.

The dataset can be downloaded from this online repository.