Concierge has been designed to stay on the side of an office door, following people in the corridor with its sight, and, when people come close, let them in or deny entrance depending on a preset value. The head has been designed by Maximiliano Romero, designer from Phy.Co. Lab, and haired by Andrea Bonarini from AIRLab. Depending on hair, different characters are implemented by changing the quality of the movement.
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Emotional Robots

Robots that can show emotions, personality traits, character, and mood can be better accepted as social partners. In this area, we are investigating the very basic cues a robot can produce to show these aspects. Since many robots have a shape constrained by their function, we are exploring how non-humanoid nor bio-inspired robots can show emotions and the rest. Interesting aspects are rythm, speed, and accelleration of actuation. This research considers suggestions from cartoons, puppetry, theatre, dance, and ethology. Contact Person: Andrea Bonarini
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