Robots and disability

AIRlab is involved in projects concerning robots and disability. We have developed RBWC, a shared autonomy wheelchair, which can self-localize by using markers or artificial vision in unstructured environments. RBWC can be driven by different interfaces, from a touch screen to myographic interfaces, to brain-computer interface. Other two robotic wheelchairs are ready for test within the EU project ALMA.

We have also developed Teo, a robot designed to interact with children with different diabilities, which can be used also with a multimedial system, and which has been developed within the project KROG, funded by Politecnico di Milano within the Polisocial) program, in collaboration with HOC Lab and Phy.Co. Lab.

We also developed an affective computing interface for rehabilitation robots used in post-stroke movement rehabilitation, in a project funded by IIT, that led to the establishment of the company Empatica.

Contact Person: Andrea Bonarini