Jedi Trainer

Jedi Trainer is a PIRG (Physically Interacting RoboGame), a kind of Robogame characterized by dynamism and physical interaction among users and robots in non-structured environments.
This is a project aimed at implementing a system that recreates the Luke Skywalker’s training as a Jedi Knight: a quadricopter (drone) flies around the Player (trainee), who wears a special game uniform and wields a light-saber. the drone has a strategy to shoot the Player with laser blasts. The Player must parry those blasts with his light-saber.
The player is supposed to wear a uniform with the double purpose of being identified and “feel” the game. The sword used is a red swimming noodle. Laser blasts are simulated by a special noise produced by the drone.
The game is very dynamic, being the player able to move freely in the space, while the drone follows him/her, to keep the interaction on.

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Contact Person: Andrea Bonarini