Robotics Advancement through Web-publishing of Sensorial and Elaborated Extensive Data Sets
Rawseeds has been funded by the end of the EU 6th Framework Programme. It built and published a high-quality Benchmarking Toolkit to compare and assess algorithms for robotics, mainly focused towards the problems of localization, mapping and SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping).

Rawseeds’ Benchmarking Toolkit includes:

  • high-quality data sets, obtained by exploring indoor and outdoor environments with a suitably equipped mobile robot;
  • problems (called Benchmark Problems or BPs) defined on the above datasets, each of which includes methodologies to evaluate the performance of any algorithm used to solve the problem;
  • algorithms (called Benchmark Solutions or BSs) that solve the BPs, along with their output when applied to the associated problems and with the results of the evaluation of such output using the methodologies defined in the BP.

Official Website

Contact Person: Matteo Matteucci